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Thinking about Solar? Read this first


With energy prices consistently increasing, a massive surge in affordability of home solar panels, and major government residential solar incentives set to expire in 2016 (take advantage quickly!), homeowners are installing roof solar panels at an ever-increasing rate.

It is amazing how quickly solar energy prices have dropped in the last few years. Once the domain of the rich with money to burn, or extreme greenies, Solar has become a mainstream option that can save the planet while saving you money.

And of course, as solar popularity has increased, so has the number of solar installers, both local and national. It seems like everyone has a relative or friend who can install your solar panels for you! But should you use them to do so?

Unlike buying milk from the store for example, where price comparison is simple and readily available, the commodity of solar panels is wrapped up with the service of installing and maintaining them, and that is where the price and quality differences arise. It is difficult to evaluate differences between installers, and there is often a wide disparity.

The good news is that you don’t have to try to navigate this landscape alone - there are services that will do it for you, and these services are well received given the number of steps involved in determining your eligibility for solar:

  • Your particular state of residence determines the incentives that may be available to you
  • Your typical energy bill, roof angles, shading, etc. determine the likelihood that solar will be a good investment
  • Your more specific location determines the local installers available to you

So, whether you’re considering solar for your home or you’ve already decided, get hooked up with a professional, by professionals.

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