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Sunrun is the Solar Company Getting it Right

Solar energy has never been cheaper


With home solar installations reaching all-time highs as energy prices steadily increase, and increases in solar efficiency making it such a viable competitor, we at Solar America have spent a lot of time vetting the best solar partners for homeowners. We’ve been particularly impressed with how Sunrun is leading the pack.

It is amazing how quickly solar energy prices have dropped in the last few years. Once the domain of the rich with money to burn, or extreme greenies, Solar has become a mainstream option that can save the planet while saving you money.

With solar panel costs down 75% and efficiency up by half, solar energy is less expensive than it ever has been in history. With the government tax credit incentives – if you move fast, they may expire this year - this is the perfect time to get solar panels on your home. If you’ve been thinking about riding the solar wave, we may have just reached the perfect time, as solar energy has become a global industry that is expanding at a dizzying pace. The Golden Age of the sun has arrived, and solar has finally become a practical solution for lowering monthly home energy bills while simultaneously benefitting the planet.

Why continue to pay the utility companies a penny more than you have to?

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The cost of electricity has skyrocketed since 1969 with no end in sight

Plummeting Cost Of Solar Modules

Energy prices have been steadily increasing for decades; it’s a safe bet to say that trend will not abate any time soon

  • History shows that electricity prices only go up over time because utility companies do not have any interest in or need to reduce prices, even when their costs are lower
  • Residential electricity prices in California have increased massively since the early 2000’s, even adjusted for inflation, according to Energy Department statistics.

Solar Energy Credits Expire Soon

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 has made solar especially affordable for homeowners in the last few years, but unfortunately many do not realize the Federal Tax Credit is set to expire at the end of 2016. We’d recommend you look into taking advantage of these massive credits before they are gone.

Along with being one of the largest, most well-known solar companies, Sunrun gives you a variety of great options to take advantage of these probably once-in-a-lifetime federal government savings incentives on solar.

If your home meets the conditions, Sunrun’s loan options offer as little as zero down and monthly payments that are lower than your average electricity costs, allowing you to start saving money from the first day of installation on your home.

Solar America partners with the expert solar installers to find you the best possible installer for your area.

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