Canadian Solar and Ningxia State Power Complete 10 MW China Project

China has an energy problem. As the nation continues its rapid economic expansion, it’s hunger for energy grows larger each day. China relies heavily on dirty fossil fuels such as oil and coal to feed its industrial demands and growing middle class needs. But the cost is heavy for all this economic growth and increasing middle class posterity — pollution. So, to combat thickening smog and fouled rivers, China has been investing in , especially .

Moving along on solar at a rapid pace, one of the worlds largest solar companies, Canadian Solar Inc., and China’sNingxia Electric Power Group recently announced the successful completion and activation of a 10-MW solar project. The energy that will be produced from this project will be around 13,511,167 KWh of power a year — and every drop of that energy will be green and sustainable. By generating this clean energy, China will be reducing its consumption of coal by 5,200 tons a year, and reducing its carbon dioxideemissionsby 18,900 tons per year.

Mr. Yingkuan Liu, Chairman of Ningxia Power Group, : “This is the first step of a strategic collaboration between Canadian Solar and Ningxia Power Group. Canadian Solar’s global technology and finance experience in solar power plant EPC will definitely help the development of solar power plants inChina.”

China is already active in the industry, ramping up its production and investing heavily in its infrastructure in hopes of becoming a leader in the international solar market. But it’s clear from partnerships like the one between Canadian Solar and Ningxia Electric Power Group that China also sees the clear benefits of for use at home.

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