Clean Tech News Briefs November 4, 2011


EarthTechling looks at a lot of interesting clean tech news daily as we consider what items to have our staff write about. Here are some green tech news gems we found while researching online you might consider reading more on in today’s .

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. While getting that new smartphone or computer might seem like fun, Ecocentric warns of the growing amounts of in developing countries like Ghana, which poses serious environmental and health threats to residents.

Wisconsin firefighters are beginning to undergo the next logical step in fire safety: accidents. Besides the threats of fire and sharp metal, says the LaCrosse Tribune, firefighters must now consider high voltage electric currents as well.

. reports that a supercomputer is currently being constructed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and is destined for Cheyenne, Wyoming, where it will help determine the optimal places in the state for installations.

. Calfinder takes a look at the recent developments in tidal energy, and compares it in terms of potential, efficiency and safety to solar and wind power, and takes a look at the various ways to harness , such as water turbines and barrage systems.

Though 89% of US residents from all political backgrounds are in favor of developing solar energy in the country, and support federal incentives to boost these developments. However, says CleanTechnica, Congress doesn’t seem to be getting the memo, and looks into some of the reasons why this clean energy source may be being stifled despite public support.

. Ideal for both camping trips and emergencies, the LuminAID is a solar-powered light that consists of an inside an inflatable bag, which has a solar cell on the outside. Treehugger has the details on this nifty, lightweight, and foldable light.

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